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Payment Methods is an E-commerce business portal which deals with both branded and generic medicines. Our customers can make their payment through electronic payment methods that are e-Cheque and other payment option. These methods of payment are less time consuming and also provide you a hassle free money transaction with less paperwork. Our payment methods are explained briefly here:


In e-cheque payment mode, you have to make your payment online through internet. The main advantage of this method is you need less paper work in a secure way. The cheques are also filled up in electronic format. So, e-cheques are the electronic version of your payment process. E-cheque is available only for US customers.

You can be benefitted in many ways by using e-cheque, such as:

  • It is less time consuming.
  • You don’t have to go out for post and all.
  • No paper work is needed.
  • This method is cost effective.
  • It protects your money from frauds.
  • It gives you the complete details of your payment.
  • You can identify your transaction very easily with the help of your cheque number.
  • This is very secure process of payment.

The important steps of e-Check processing:


In authorization, the customer has to provide all the information to process the transaction by mail, phone call or via message. The required transaction details the customer has to provide are:

  • Name of the account holder
  • Bank routing number
  • Bank account number

Processing: This is one of the most important steps done with the help of the ACH network and the money is transferred from one account to another account.

Conformation: When the transaction is completed, the customer will be notified automatically. Now he/she can check all the details related to payment and all in his/her account.

Other Payment Option: This method of payment is available for all the customers.