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How to Order is a very user-friendly and reliable Online Pharmacy stores. This is the reason it is gaining much more importance and has got crown of number one website the world of Online Pharmacy.

To place an order for the medicine of your choice, you need to follow just very few and simple steps as follows:

  • First of all, search the medicine you looking for in the product list.
  • After this, go the “add to the cart” icon provided in the same page and add the medicine to it,
  • Look for the various payment options such as E Check (For US customer) and Western Money Transfer (for rest of the world) and select from it.
  • Provide the information in the payment option that you have opted such as customer name, bank name, account number, etc. and proceed further.

Note: information about their bank detail provided by the customer at the time of placing an order is kept confidential and will not be shared with any other person without their prior consent.

  • Before confirming your order, it is suggested to re-check all the details filled by the customer,
  • Once checking is done, confirm it.
  • After automated verification of the information by our experts, medicines will be dispatched to the shipping address. You will get your ordered medicine within 8-12 days.