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Generic Medicine

What do you mean by generic medicine?

A generic drug is a drug that is similar with a branded drug by all means like quality, property, efficacy and safety. These medicines are manufactured to be interchangeable with a branded medicine. Generic drug are prepared without a licence from the manufacturer company of the branded one. But they are introduced in the market only after the expiration of the patent date and other rights.

The generic drugs are marketed in a different name. But its chemical composition, stability, safety, side effects, drug interaction and method of use are same as the branded drugs. The major difference between generic drug and branded drug is the price. The generic drugs are more cost effective than the branded drug. These drugs are becoming popular day by day among the people because everybody can afford the price.

Benefits of generic drug:

  • Generic drug are cost-effective.
  • The customer can save money on their co-payment if they buy a generic medicine.
  • They are as efficacious as the branded medicines.
  • The generic drugs are always as safe as a branded drug.
  • They function in the humane body in the same way as the branded medicines.

Generic drug are manufactured on permission taking from FDA after the expiration of the patent date and other rights of the branded drugs. While preparing generic drugs, the manufacturers need not go through the clinical trial, experiment, testing and all. So all these make the manufacturers of the generic drugs to save their money and they sell these medicines in the market in a quite less price.